Alignment Course

FREE TRIAL: Downward Facing Dog 9 mins

One of the most iconic and foundational poses in yoga. You’ll take this pose often throughout most yoga practices.

Key Point 1

Remember to use proper hand grounding.

Key Point 2

If you feel tension, try moving your hands forward a half inch to an inch past your shoulders in tabletop.

Key Point 3

You can choose to place the hands so the index fingers are parallel or so that the middle fingers are parallel depending on how open your shoulders feel.

Key Point 3

Forearms are in internal rotation, upper arm bones are in external rotation.

Key Point 4

Straight legs and heels on the ground aren’t necessary. Always have a microbend to avoid hyperextention.

Danni Pomplun


 I think yoga should be fun. I’m not saying it won’t be challenging or encourage you to test and expand your limits, but yoga is about your own personal journey, and I don’t know about you, but I want my journey to be a freaking fun one. I am a 500-hr Registered Yoga Instructor, and a member of the teacher training faculty at Yoga Tree. I’m also a real person, and I recognize that I’m teaching real people.