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61 Point Relaxation is a practice that starts to move Prana, life force energy, throughout your body.

Key Point 1

Practice this laying down and systematically send a breath to each of the 61 marma points.

Key Point 2

A marma point is an energetic center in the body. Marma points are closely related to chakras and acupuncture points.

Key Point 3

This practice brings the body into a very deep and relaxed state.

Yogi Aaron


Aaron, author of “Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi” and teacher for the Yoga Teacher Training Immersions at Blue Osa, has been a student of yoga since 1991 and a teacher since 1997. Yogi Aaron believes in spreading the benefits of yoga to everyone. He is a master in providing and holding space for people to realize their own limitless potential.