Back Health Course 24 Lessons

Discover the theory and exercises behind achieving a healthy back and spine. Learn from Yogi Aaron as he shares his personal experience of overcoming back issues. We promise you’ll leave this course with a back strengthening routine that will allow you to revitalize your spinal health.

Module 1: Introduction To Back Health
Lesson 1: Intro To Back Health
Lesson 2: Yogi Aaron’s Story
Lesson 3: Importance Of Back Health
Lesson 4: How Back Problems Affect Your Life
Lesson 5: Lower Back Defined Energetically
Module 2: Strengthening The Lower Back
Lesson 1: What Causes Lower Back Problems
Lesson 2: How Much Flexibility
Lesson 3: To Stretch Or Not To Stretch
Lesson 4: What To Do To Help Your Lower Back
Module 3: Essential Back & Muscle Anatomy
Lesson 1: 4 Parts Of The Spine
Lesson 2: Lumbar Spine Anatomy
Lesson 3: Glutes
Lesson 4: Longissmus
Lesson 5: Multifidus
Lesson 6: Psoas
Module 4: Muscle Exercises For Back Health
Lesson 1: Activate Glutes
Lesson 2: Activate Longissimus
Lesson 3: Activate Multifidus
Lesson 4: Sphin Pose
Lesson 5: Activate Psoas
Lesson 6: Abdominal Strength
Module 5: Back Health Yoga Sequence
Lesson 1: Intro To Back Health Yoga Sequence
Lesson 2: Back Health Yoga Sequence
Lesson 3: Closing

Yogi Aaron


Aaron, author of “Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi” and teacher for the Yoga Teacher Training Immersions at Blue Osa, has been a student of yoga since 1991 and a teacher since 1997. Yogi Aaron believes in spreading the benefits of yoga to everyone. He is a master in providing and holding space for people to realize their own limitless potential.

A Healthy Body Starts With A Healthy Back

This course is designed for anyone who has experienced back pain and is looking for tools and exercises to minimize back issues. Those who struggle with repeated back problems with particularly benefits from the strengthening exercises and theory provided during this course.

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