Alignment Course 63 Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner yogi just starting your practice and trying to learn the correct form for common postures, or you’re a certified yoga instructor looking for a virtual library of poses you can refer to time and time again, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to perform postures correctly and safely.

We lay out step-by-step instructions for you to get into and out of common yoga postures.

Module 1: Introduction To Alignment
Lesson 1: What Is Alignment
Lesson 2: Reduce Risk Of Injury
Lesson 3: Energy Flow
Lesson 4: Intro To Breath
Lesson 5: Feet Grounding
Lesson 5: Hand Grounding
Module 2: Important Anatomy
Lesson 1: Anatomical Neutral
Lesson 2: Core
Lesson 3: Common Bones
Lesson 4: The Spine
Lesson 5: Muscles
Lesson 6: Ad Ab Duction
Lesson 7: Pelvis
Module 3: Common Alignment Cues
Lesson 1: Cues Intro
Lesson 2: Internal Rotation
Lesson 3: External Rotation
Lesson 4: Lifting Through The Midline
Lesson 5: Shoulders Down The Back
Lesson 6: Squaring The Hips
Lesson 7: Microbend
Lesson 8: Lengthen The Side Body
Lesson 9: Neutral Spine
Lesson 10: Tucking Your Tailbone
Module 4: Alignment In Popular Poses
Lesson 1: Mountain Pose
Lesson 2: Forward Fold
Lesson 3: Chaturanga
Lesson 4: Upward Facing Dog
Lesson 5: Downward Facing Dog
Lesson 6: Savasana
Lesson 7: Chair Pose
Lesson 8: Warrior 1
Lesson 9: Warrior 2
Lesson 10: Child’s Pose
Lesson 11: Seated Forward Fold
Lesson 12: Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose
Lesson 13: Supine Twist
Lesson 14: Bridge Pose
Lesson 15: Bow Pose
Lesson 16: Crow Pose
Lesson 17: Legs Up The Wall
Lesson 18: Shoulder Stand
Module 5: Pose Families
Lesson 1: Families Of Poses
Lesson 2: Forward Fold Family
Lesson 3: Warrior Pose Family
Lesson 4: Twists Family
Lesson 5: Balancing Poses Family
Lesson 6: Backbends Family
Lesson 7: Arm Balances Family
Lesson 8: Inversions Family
Module 6: Recap & Take Home Flow
Review of common pose alignment and verbal cues
20 Minute Guided Practice

Danni Pomplun


 I think yoga should be fun. I’m not saying it won’t be challenging or encourage you to test and expand your limits, but yoga is about your own personal journey, and I don’t know about you, but I want my journey to be a freaking fun one. I am a 500-hr Registered Yoga Instructor, and a member of the teacher training faculty at Yoga Tree. I’m also a real person, and I recognize that I’m teaching real people.

Take Your Alignment To The Next Level

This course is designed for anyone looking to practice yoga in a safer and more structured way. Certified yoga teachers will find this particularly beneficial as a resource to refer to time and time again to refresh your posture and alignment knowledge. 

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